Question: What does the OFS designation stand for?

Answer: OFS is nothing more than the designation of the offered product.

Question: Can I negotiate the price of products?

Answer: Yes, your demand for products must significantly exceed the quantity offered for the product on cncfilters.com.

Question: I have already purchased and paid for the product. When can I expect the goods to be shipped?

Answer: HYDROTRADE ships the goods when the funds are credited to the bank account.

Question: What is the difference between OEM and “replacement,” “aftermarket,” or “equivalent”?

Answer: Nothing but the price. OEM means the part with the name brand of the original equipment manufacturer. Replacement parts are manufactured to fit the specifications of the OEM part. Generally, these products may be of inferior, equal, or superior quality.

Question: What should I do if my credit card payment fails?

Answer: The customer can generate an order by selecting the transfer payment option and make the payment. The generated order is nothing more than a proforma invoice, based on which HYDROTRADE will send the appropriate invoice together with the goods.

Question: I don’t know the Cronne Industry brand; what is the quality of its filters?

Answer: The Cronne Industry brand was established in 2013. The owner of the brand is Hydrotrade Polska. All filters undergo quality tests and are made of the highest quality materials.

Question: Why are Cronne filters cheaper than OEM filters?

Answer: Hydrotrade is the manufacturer of filters, which allows you to avoid the costs of trade intermediaries. Moreover, very often the value of OEM filters comes from intangible rights and, frankly, their greed.

Question: I’m from the US and I’m interested in distributing the filters. Could you please provide information on the conditions I can expect?

Answer: The factory approaches this very honestly.  For this purpose, the customer contacts the customer service department to agree on commercial terms that are good for both parties.